Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Weapon of Choice- GLoomis Streamdance

This is my weapon of choice.  It is a 8'6" GLoomis Streamdance Metolius in 5 weight.  It is a 4 piece rod.  It's name is "Neo" as in "The One".  It is an excellent dry fly and technical or finesse rod.  It doubles nicely in Wisconsin as a nymph and small streamer rod.  It is an expensive rod.  These days, the Streamdance GLX retails for over $650.  I happened to work at Gander Mountain and they had an employee purchase program where I could buy GLoomis and St Croix rods for 50% off.  That made it a no brainer.  This rod's value truly isn't revealed until you're on a big river or have enough back casting room to let it rip.  Then you know why it costs so much money.  It's a rocket ship when you need it.  I never thought a $600 rod was worth the price tag, but this rod makes me reconsider that.  It is a precision piece of engineering and I feel like a fishing sniper with it in my hands.  I think the only way I would leave it is if I had a Winston Boron.