Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Legend

This is Otis "Toad" Smith.  Toad is a Midwestern fishing legend from Iowa.  He was an epic outdoorsman, loving hunting and fishing above all else.  He was a fishing and hunting guide and fished all over the world.  He was an author and magazine contributor and influential in changing the public perception of a catfish from a stink bait loving bottom feeder to a true predator.  Toad wouldn't ask you if you wanted Chablis or Chardonnay for your shore lunch, he would ask you if you wanted Original or Extra Crispy.
  The greatest story ever told of Toad was how his doctor had to remove some heart valve tissue during an operation.  Toad asked to keep the tissue and once released from the hospital used it to catch a six lb channel cat.  He is a true pioneer of fishing and someone I would consider to be in the Troutology hall of fame.