Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I curse the cork!

A Fargin Icehole.  This is what a Wisconsin fisherman stares at in February.  I'm not sitting stream side on a warm winter day awaiting a glorious afternoon stonefly hatch.  I'm not waxing poetic about the virtues of catching a trout in every month of the year.  I am staring at a blaze orange piece of cork, waiting like a Pavlov's dog for it to be taken under by a small panfish.  This is Wisconsin winter fishing.  There are no trout streams open.  They won't open for another two months.  However, there is hope.
  A few months from now, there will be a bit of warmth.  There will be a bit of rain.  There will be a melt, and the tributaries will begin to flow and the steelhead will get randy.  Steelhead fishing brings the same words from my lips every year "This was worth waiting for all winter!".  That enthusiasm is but a figment of my imagination now.  Untill then, I will sit on a slab of ice over an eight inch hole, slowly biding my time, pining for the day I pull the sock from the rod tub and screw on my fighting butt.  I curse you Old Man Winter!