Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Popper Project

I came across this article in the Miami Herald (South Florida flyfishing guide Jack Allen is ‘King of Pops’ - Outdoors - MiamiHerald.comon a bass fishing guide in South Florida, and was inspired by this quote:

"But today, Allen says, fly fishing with popping bugs is becoming a lost art.
Fly fishers are a shrinking fraternity among the recreational angling community, and popping-bug enthusiasts make up only a fraction of that fringe group"

Allen is right, fishing the number of Americans that fished (more accurately bought fishing licences) went from 35.2 million in 1996, to 29.3 million in 2012, and I am sure that popper fishing is on the decline as well.

The Popper Project will be posts that highlight the popping bug subculture in America, pictures of poppers as well as uncovering the history, and reminding fly fisher's of the joy of casting for bluegills and bass on a warm summer day.