Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mother Nature is a Raging Bitch This Year.

Mother Nature finally took her foot off my throat this week and allowed me a shred of dignity to save my steelhead season.  It is April 16th, and She's finally given us some fishable water.  Last year I caught my last steelhead on March 15th on a main river only a few miles from the lake.  This year, I had to not only go up to a tributary of that river, but then split the feeder creek into forks to find cleanish water! 
The water was still murky at best, and the largest egg patterns I carry were the only visible fly the fish would hit, but it worked and in the pouring 50 degree rain I was able to finally break through.  The window of opportunity continues tonight and then closes rapidly over the next three days with more downpours and snow in the forecast. Mother Nature returns to her whoreish ways this year!