Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Panther Martin

Behold lure perfection in its' most simplistic form; the Panther Martin.  While I am a die hard fly fisherman, I am lucky enough to relive my youth through trout fishing with my two young sons.  In that, I have become reacquainted with one of the most deadly lures in any trout fisherman's arsenal; the in line spinner. The Panther Martin has always been the pinnacle of in line spinners to me.  I was born and raised in a Mepps family.   My cousin tied bucktails for Mepps and being a Wisconsin company, we supported them.  To deviate, would be blasphemy in my young mind.  But my coolest of cousins fished Panther Martins.  We all have that cousin or uncle.  The one that is a black belt in karate, had a cool nickname, and had an exotic parrot that cursed.
 Panther Martin was the epitome of cool to my young mind. It used no clevis, just a shaft through willow blade design.  It didn't come in a wealth of sizes and designs and skirt colors.  Gold, silver, polka dot, bare treble hook, as if to say; "No gimmicks or marketing ploys. I will just catch trout." It wasn't pretentious like a Rooster Tail.  The company wasn't interested in dabbling in all sorts of other fishing genres like Blue Fox.  It hit the water and flashed like the dickens and trout ate it.  A lot.  Even now, as I walk up and down the aisle of my local tackle store, I see the dozens of rows of different colors and styles of spinners, then I stop at the three rows of yellow packaging and I pick the Panther Martin; and it still makes me feel so cool.