Wednesday, May 22, 2013

10 Great Gifts for the Fly Fisherman

Here is a list of some great gift ideas for the fly fisherman in your life.  Yes, our stuff can be a little pricey, but you're not going to get anything that sparkles and comes in a tiny box if you don't buy us quality gear that we'll love to have.  Scratch our back, we'll scratch yours.  That's what relationships are built on.

1.  A Fishing journal- What was the weather last year when we fished the Madison?  What was hatching?  What kind of beer were we drinking?  Help them remember.
2.  Ross Evolution Fly Reel-  Just look at it.  Stunning precision. Incredible drag system.  They should have named it the "Bling" and outfit it on tires for Escalades. A great reel is one of the last things any fly fisherman buys. And then they feel complete.
3.  Renzetti Fly Vise-  A fantastic starter vice or a great travel vice for someone who has one already.  Renzetti is like diamonds for a woman.  You just can't go wrong.
4. Simms Headwater Gear Bag- You can never have enough bags for your gear.  Stop him/her from using their old Adidas gym bag.  It smells bad.
5. Simms Rain jacket- Fishing in the rain is terrible without the right gear.  This jacket makes any day possible to fish in comfortably.
6. Fly rod rack-  Great for staying mobile and bouncing up and down the river.  One of those, "didn't know I needed it but awesome to have" pieces of equipment.

7. Yeti Cooler- Don't buy anything less than a Yeti.  Yes, it is expensive.  You will be ahead money when you don't have to buy ice for a week when you're camping year after year.  Rugged, incredibly durable, and worth every penny. This is the only cooler to own.
8. The Fly Tiers Benchside Reference-  A MUST HAVE for any fly tier.  An absolutely revolutionary book that will quickly get dog eared and change any tier's life.
9.  Nikon Waterproof camera- Every fisherman needs a camera just for fishing.  This waterproof Nikon is just the ticket.  And no, we don't want to take yours.  It has pictures of your friend's hairy baby on it and we will drop it in the water, again.
10.  Winston Fly Rod-  Every man can dream of the ultimate present.  Forget the Ferrari.  Buy him a Winston.