Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Glo Bugs - The Steelhead Candy

This is not quantitative mathematics. This is not string theory.  This is not "Who Shot J.R.?" This is a fishing Pythagorean Theory;  Egg hook + brightly colored yarn = steelhead. This is fly fishing inverse proportional value at its' best.  There is no greater bang for your buck.  One minute of tying a fly to catch a thirty inch fish.  What other fly can you tie in less time that gives such a pay off?

Despite their simplicity, Glo Bugs just plain work.  I've seen steelhead dart across pools to slash at glo bugs like a pike hammering through a school of shiners.   My favorite yarn is the Glo-Bugs brand micro yarn.   The most effective color for me has always been baby pink with a bit of champagne mixed in for a little color variance.  I've also had success with flame, apricot, and light roe.  I've always wanted Oregon cheese to be successful just so I could drop the inventive name, but steelhead in my area are very partial to pinks,  oranges, and reds.  I can sit down at the vise and rip out a season's worth of eggs in an hour.  They don't need to be perfectly tied, and you can break up fly tying monotony with bright and creative color mixes.

 Glo-Bugs Micro Yarn and a great Steelhead Fly DVD can be purchased here: