Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fishing with Half a Grain of Rice - Tanago

With temperatures around 90 degrees this weekend in Jersey, trout fishing is done for the short term.  Yes there are still trout in the rivers, but the poor little guys are stressed, looking for a spring to cool down.  So this weekend was about going small, fishing in the shade, chilling out, and getting the mind right, forgetting the nonsense of the past week.

The more I micro fish (or tanago), the more I realize how relaxing it can be.  There is no stress on what insect is hatching,  no wondering what is around the next bend of the river.  I kind of feel like an 8 year old, not caring what I catch, just enjoying be out for the adventure.  With tanago, you just focus on what is right before you, on the now.  

Fishing for bait is the way to enlightenment.