Thursday, July 18, 2013

Displaying Fly Fishing Flies

Displaying Fly Fishing Flies using a Nicho

If you are an unorganized fly tier like me, you have a ton of flies that are laying around.  From one hit wonders, to flies I bought in a fly shop for later reference, flies for Montana that look like bass flies, and, more likely, flies that just have not found a home in my vest.  So to preserve domestic bliss (and to avoid taking my wife to the emergency room with a size 2 Clouser in her foot) I built a Nicho to hold, and display, my flies that have not found a home anywhere else.  Think of it as an on deck circle for flies.

Materials Needed: 
Shadow box with out glass so you can add and remove flies
Cardboard for frame and mat to hold flies
1/4" square wooden dowels 
Acrylic paint with brushes


Sand the shadow box so paint and glue will adhere to it.
My shadow box did not have a flange on it, so I glued 1/4 "square dowels around the outside to help support cardboard frame
cut cardboard out into desired shape, and glue to flange and shadow box.  Hold in place with clamps until dry

Decorate the frame.  I added The Virgin of Guadalupe I found online to bless all flies.

Glue another piece of cardboard to the mat (came with the shadow box) to hold all flies and assemble.