Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fly Fishing - How to Fly Fish

Fly Fishing - How To

For many, fly fishing is not an escape so much as it is a passport to adventure.  Fly fishing will take you on rural roads, into country stores, and across worn out bridges.  With a fly rod you can welcome the first warm spring day with Hendricksons, fish hot summer evenings casting to bluegills with a popper, and in the fall, when the great fish come, try for stripers and false albacore in the surf, or salmon as they make their spawning run. 

And the best part?  Learning to fly fish is not difficult.  In the beginning it may look daunting, but in time, your fly rod will seem like it is an extension of your arm.  You will cast and the fly will lightly fall to the surface as if you willed it to be.  Casting will become an afterthought as you lose yourself in the rhythm of the rod.

We love to fly fish and helping others to learn to fly fish has been very rewarding.  As part of this, we have written and assembled blog posts and video tutorials that can help you along as well.  Below is a sort of Table of Contents to help beginners learn to fly fish. When you click on a topic in the Table of Contents, it will take you to the relevant Troutology blog post.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment on the bottom of the page.  We would be happy to interact with you online to help you learn to fly fish.  Most likely other people have the same question so it will he helpful to all to ask directly on the web page. 

Of course learning to fly fish by reading articles online is like trying to learn the Kama Sutra through public school health class.  Sure you can learn the mechanics, but there is a hell of a lot more to it.  After studying theory, find an experienced partner to try it with.   For the first time couple of times out fly fishing, go with a friend that has a few years of experience or even hire a guide.  It’s really easy to find a guide that will take the time to teach you the basics in an afternoon (click here for 6 Tips for Hiring a Guide).  I had the opportunity to do this when I was first starting out and it was great to learn from his thousands of hours on the stream.

Good luck and have fun!

Table of Contents - Fly Fishing How To
     Knots for Fly Fishing (In Progress)
Casting (In Progress)
Trout (In Progress)
Fly Fishing for other Species (In Progress)
Types of Streams (In Progress)
Reading Water (In Progress)
Choosing the Right Fly (In Progress)
     Fly Selection for the Beginner-East (In Progress)
     Fly Selection for the Beginner-West (In Progress)
Nymph Fishing (In Progress)
Wet Flies (In Progress)
Streamers (In Progress)
Dry Flies (In Progress)