Thursday, July 25, 2013

What is Fly Fishing?

What is Fly Fishing?

In the most insipid terms, fly fishing is a method of fishing where an artificial fly is cast using a fly rod, reel, and line. Well, you could also define love as a strong affection for another, which is true but lacking. Even little Johnny in 5th grade, after falling for Suzie, knows more about love than that.

Instead, fly fishing is a classical form of angling which demands grace, precision, and endless patience, employing a formalized rhythm to cast upon which is superimposed the imagination of the individual, creating flowing patterns through movement which present an offering softly on the water’s surface.

Maybe a better way to describe it is to compare it to the traditional spin fishing which more people are familiar with.  In spin fishing, the weight of the lure loads the rod, the rod casts the weighted of the lure which pulls out a nearly weightless line.   After the lure is cast, the fisherman reels in the lure with a mechanical reel.  Fly fishing is nearly opposite.  In fly fishing, the weight of the fly line loads the rod, the rod casts the line, and the line pulls out a nearly weightless lure.   
These two lures imitate approximately the same forage, but the top
spin fishing lure weighs 1/4 oz. and the woolly bugger,
bottom, in comparison is virtually weightless.

When you mention fly fishing to someone, the thought of an angler on a crystal clean mountain stream casting to trout springs to mind. But in fact you can angle for all species of fish, from the smallest panfish up to muskies in freshwater, and in salt water sharks have even been taken on fly gear. From small streams, to farm ponds, expansive reservoirs, and from the beach in the salt, a fly rod can do it all.

Flies can imitate leaches, frogs, shrimp, grasshoppers, eggs and minnows

Another misconception is that flies only imitate small insects.  Thanks to the creativity of flies tiers, flies can now represent practically anything that a fish will eat.  Terrestrial insects like ants, amphibians, minnows, and even snails are imitated by flies.  

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