Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Downloadable Fly Box

DIY Fly Box

Wheatley or Downloaded fly box - It's a toss up as to
which is the higher quality
Can you imagine the look of envy on your friends' faces when you pull out of your vest a fly box you downloaded for free and printed on  lightweight, durable 8.5 x 11 high quality acid-free printer paper paper
that won't yellow or fade over time?  This is a lightweight box to store a killer quiver of dry flies, emergers, nymphs, and even small streamers. Incredible.

Let's be honest.  Most fly boxes are only meant to house your flies, maybe keeping them dry as an afterthought.  But the Downloadable Fly Box is much more than that.  This fly box transcends such simple functional terms as "High Quality" and "Waterproof", and sets a standard in quality and craftsmanship that is difficult for other manufacturers to imagine, let alone equal, that is prized by fishermen world over.

Oh, and we have thought of everything.  We know the kind of fisherman you associate with, and we guarantee they are going to want to "swipe this sweet little box" when you turn your back, so we added a frame on the box to glue your picture so you know that box is yours.  You're Welcome.

Richard Wheatley began building aluminum fly boxes over a century ago, but you can start today.  All you need is a printer and your friends at The Troutology, and you can create a rust proof and water proof  fly box.

Print the free Downloadable Fly Box image below and be part of the rich history of fly fishing.