Monday, September 23, 2013

5 Gift Ideas for the Woman Fly Fisher

When it comes to picking out gifts for the fly fisherwoman in your life, keep it simple and consider the following criteria; comfort, function, and style.  Women don't want your hand me down waders or vest. They want their own gear that fits them well and looks great. Simple, functional, and fashionable. They love awesome gear as much as you do.  Here are five items any woman is going to love to fish in.

1. Redington Sonic Pro Waders-  Cut and styled to fit a woman's body shape, these waders are comfortable as it gets.  Yes, they are expensive, but so are your Simm's G3s.  They won the award for the best woman specific product at the International Fly Tackle Dealer show last year. For the more budget minded, check out the Redington Willow River Wader.  Still specifically designed for a woman, just a bit more friendly for the frugal folks.

2.  Redington Siren Wading Boots- Sore feet does not make for a happy Fly Fisher of any gender. Coming to the market in early 2014, the Siren boot is a new Redington design that is available in felt or rubber sole.  A mixture of leather and nylon will ensure comfort and durability.  Plus, they just look awesome.  Retail price is reported to be $139.95.

3. Simms Flyte Wading Pants- I own the men's version of these pants and they are incredible.  They are exceptionally comfortable, and they even have sewn in ballasts near the ankle that fill with water to anchor your foot down while you're wading.  Ingenius!  I've worn mine for three years and they show no sign of wear. They are light and cool and dry very quickly.  Perfect pant for wet wading.

4. Orvis Women's Sling Pack-  A great one strap, over the shoulder sling pack.  A great alternative to a vest that's just big enough to be a compromise between the minimalist and gear heavy fly fisher.  A great layout and cool design and style make it a steal at $89.99.  Buy is from Orvis here. 

5.  Peace, Love, Trout T-Shirt- You really can't go wrong with a T-shirt that promotes peace, love, and trout.  What woman wouldn't want to wear this shirt?!  You can get it at H&H Outfitter's website found here.