Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the color pink and fly fishing

The Color Pink

Some flies are tied to match an insect; some are tied to reflect an innate sense of an individual’s style.  So it is when your favorite fishing partner is your wife.  In the world of beige flies and green vests, its pretty hard to look like you are an individual with some sense of originality, let alone make make a fashion statement. What she needs are flies that look like Froot Loops in a world of Cheerios.  What better than to tie flies with the color pink?

Of course there are others that actually use the color pink because it can actually be effective, even our spiritual leader Gary LaFontaine wouldn't be on the river without the Pink Lady and Pink Lady Double Wing in his box.  He thought the part hot red and part cool white in the pink is best when fished under the big blue skies in the west, but don’t we have those same skies in the farmland streams of the driftless?  Maybe.  Worked for another blogger in an post called “This Trip Report Brought To You By The Color Pink

So I ended up with a fly box of unnecessarily pink Hendricksons, Pink Double Wings, pink midge pupa, and a sort of frenchie/ John Bethke's pink squirrel nymph hybrid.  I would have gone totally with the pink squirrel, I am a sucker for any pattern that originates from Wisconsin (ie: pass lake), but the chenille makes the fly look like a teenager wearing a turtleneck to cover up their hickies.

Freedom in fly fishing occurs when you no longer try to match a beige insect with a beige fly, and fashion is achieved when one flamboyantly fly fishes with shockingly pink flies.   To paraphrase Coco Chanel, hatches change, but style endures.

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