Friday, March 21, 2014

Bad Axe Designs- The Love of Art and Fishing

For so many of us fly fisherman, there is no blurred line between art and fishing.  One begets the other and in both there is inspiration.  For the artistically daft like me, I am afforded only one.  I've never been able to color inside the lines and every clump of clay I've ever touched became an ashtray, but I can double haul an eight inch Dahlberg Diver which, in its' own industrial way, is an artistic accomplishment. Some, however, are blessed with abilities beyond mine and their creativity extends into artwork.  Such is the case with Jonathan Marquardt of Bad Axe Designs. Jonathan is an artist based in Madison, WI.  His artwork and apparel are an expression of his passion for fly fishing, which is easily recognizable to anyone regarding his work. Jonathan specializes in linocut block printing which uses linoleum attached to a wood block in which an image or design is cut and gouged into the surface. The resulting carving is then inked and impressed onto fabric or paper to create the piece of artwork. This is an amazing process to watch unfold. Fly fisherman will have a particular affinity for Jonathan's work as they will appreciate this extraordinary process and should correlate it to the challenge fly fishing presents.  

Jonathan's artwork can be seen and purchased on his Etsy page.  His artwork is sold for incredibly reasonable prices starting at $30.  Jonathan also produces awesome fishing inspired t-shirts and hats. I have a particular love for his sage trucker hat and his carp hat.