Friday, June 20, 2014

Master Flamboyant Sail Boat Dun

Oh, spring mayflies, sailing downstream, ballerinas balanced briefly, burnished wings bright in the sun. (Easy Slim Slow Slider.  One tends to get carried away with one's alliteration a bit too easily after 3 cups of coffee).  And everyone loves the dry flies that imitate them as well.  Royal Wolf, Royal Coachmen, to Compara Dun, Haystack, Sparkle Dun.

The only problem with these, just like with any love, is that things can get into the "same old" phase pretty quick, and you start wondering "maybe it is time to switch things up a bit it"  Now I am not talking about doing anything drastic like fishing a nymph or joining a swinger's club.  Just some creativity and passion, baby.  And just like with love, the best  flies are ones which allow more experimentation and personal style. To me that is the Sail Boat Dun.  (aka pseudo Thorax dun,  Barr's Viz-a-dun)  

I think that this pattern is great because first of all it is the easiest mayfly dun to tie and floats as well as a parachute, in my experience.  But the best part is that you can use anything for the wing.  Go crazy. lover boy.  Hair wing, cut wing, poly, zing, or turkey flat, they will all float perfectly because the clipped hackle on the bottom will balance anything.  And because only one hackle is palmered, there will be very little to obscure the shape of the wing and your brilliance. There you have it, a licence to add a little spice to your drag free drifts.

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